Hijab Corner MY

How to Order & Payment Confirmation

How to Order

From “Home“ page, choose product, then click “Detail“, read the descrtiption of the product. If you want buy it, simply just click klik tombol “Order via Whatsapp“. You will connected to our official CS Whatsapp

Happy shopping.


How to Confirm the Payment Bill

If you already handled by our CS, and got “Order Summary“, you can do payment via TT to our official Bank account informed by our CS. Do not forget to send the capture or screen shot (not copy paste) of the payment bill to our CS.

Confirmation before 4PM, will proceed delivery on the same day. Otherwise, will proceed on the next day.

Tracking number or Airways bill will be informed latest 2×24 hours after your confirmation.

You can track your order directly to the expedition web or just simply ask our CS to check for you.


Delivery Time

Delivery time may vary depend on the destination and the expedition services. Please be patient.

shipping origin from Jakarta, Indonesia.

average shipping time to Indonesia: 1-5 day

average shipping time to Malaysia: 3-7 day

average shipping time to Singapore: 2-5 day

average shipping time to Brunei: 3-7 day